Receptiveness to Opposing Views
Research Led by Scholars at Harvard University

About the Website

This website provides information about a research program conducted by a group of social scientists at Harvard University and around the world on receptiveness to opposing views. How do people engage with opinions and perspectives that contradict their deepest convictions? You can learn about our research, take a survey to measure how receptive you are, and learn how to communicate better in conflict using our interactive algorithm.

Take a short survey to find out how receptive you are and compare yourself to others like you. The survey is made up of 18 multiple choice questions about how you normally feel and what you usually think when you encounter ideas you disagree with. The survey is based on years of research by scholars at Harvard and around the world to be an accurate measure of your willingness to engage with disagreement.

You can take the survey to learn about yourself, use it in your workplace or in the classroom, or for research purposes. Click here to learn about how the research was conducted.

Upload a message to someone you disagree with and see how our interactive algorithm scores it. Our algorithm is the first tool ever created for measuring whether the language you use communicates that you are really engaged with the views another person is expressing. Can you show your counterparts that you are really listening to them? You can pracice your conversational receptiveness with our online writing tool.

In addition to giving you a score, the algorithm will also give you specific, research-validated tips to improve your communication in conflict. Knowing what to say (an even more importantly, what not to say), can help you in all of your interactions.